I have grasped you by the hand.

Thus said God the Lord,

Who created the heavens and stretched the out,
Who spread out the earth and what it brings forth,
Who gave breath to the people on it
And life to those who walk thereon:
I the Lord, in my grace have summoned you,
I have grasped you by the hand.
I created you, and appointed you
A covenant people, a light of nations.
(Isaiah 42:5-6)
“I have grasped you by the hand” the Lord God says. Hang on, let’s get this straight …. the creator of the universe, the one who has made all things, who has given breath to all the people on this earth …..has grasped me by the hand.  It is awesome, the personal touch of the Lord. “I the Lord , in My grace, have summoned you”  The Lord our God has summoned us, called us in the quiet of the garden to come to Him, He created us to be in fellowship with Him, to be in an intimate relationship with Him, yet we rebelled, disobeyed, turned away, looked to ourselves to be our god. But He did not give up on us. He gave us Jesus, our saviour, our redeemer, who loved us so much that He gave Himself for us, gave His life that we may live. He grasped (grabbed, fought to get hold of) your hand because you are so precious to Him. Now He has summoned you, appointed you through His promise to be a light to the nations, so people will see the love of God radiating from your heart and will be grasped by your hand to take them to Christ.

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